Shrimpy raises additional funds to take on DeFi

It’s time to celebrate!

We are proud to announce the latest fundraising round for Shrimpy. As we enter our next growth phase, we are excited to be joined once again by Oriza Ventures and Plug & Play Ventures.

The latest round builds on our past success working closely with the teams at Telescopic Ventures, Oriza Ventures, Plug & Play Ventures, and other angel investors.

We are also pleased to welcome Alan Curtis (CEO at Radar Relay) as our newest advisor. He will play a key part in assisting us with entering the decentralized finance (DeFi) market.

Our plans

After a successful first half of the year marked by the incredible growth in the crypto sector, we are ready to take our platform to the next level.

By partnering with new investors, expanding our team, and setting out plans for the future, Shrimpy has laid the groundwork needed to improve our existing list of products and venture into newer realms of the cryptocurrency market, all while simultaneously scaling our business.

In Q1 2021 alone, we experienced unprecedented growth. With the help of our loyal users, we managed to break personal records and outperform our wildest predictions.

And the best news yet? Albeit digital assets entered a troublesome season, Shrimpy was able to maintain the same level of performance in Q2. Expectedly, there’s no other way than to move forward from this point out.

Roadmap Goals — Your expectations for the future

Unlike many other temporary niches, Decentralized Finance has demonstrated itself as an innovative frontier that has managed to stand the test of time. Cryptocurrency investors yearn for access to decentralized products and services, and we understand that. As a result, our number one goal is a clear commitment to providing DEX trading, 3rd-party wallet connections, yield farming, and lending services.

As mentioned previously, Alan Curtis plays a crucial role in supporting Shrimpy in this context. By leveraging his expertise and experience in the DeFi market brought on by Radar Relay, our efforts at capturing the new crypto segment increase dramatically.

We have always been keen on providing users with access to all the trading platforms they wish to use all from the comfort of our platform. Too much of anything never hurts, and that’s why we will integrate some of your favorite exchanges, including:

  • FTX
  • Binance Futures
  • Bybit

Love our features? You will love them even more once we are done upgrading them to the fullest extent. Portfolio management, automation, and account management have always been core parts of Shrimpy’s offering. We plan to keep it that way. As we introduce updates with each month, expect smoother and faster features.

There is nothing better than using a crypto platform that can be mastered within the span of minutes. Beginners and masters alike struggle with complicated interfaces, which is why we would hate it if you would experience the same strain when using our own platform.

What’s next? Expect universally tailored and simple-to-use improvements to Shrimpy’s major sections like backtesting, dashboard, automation, and more.

This is merely the beginning for Shrimpy. We truly wish to end the year on a high note, and the only way we can accomplish that is by continuously improving our products while also introducing new ones. We plan to keep you updated with each major milestone and announcement.

Our community has played a big part in helping Shrimpy strive for the past three years. We wish you the best with your own crypto journey — happy trading!

If you’re new, feel free to create an account and test Shrimpy’s capabilities.


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