Order Book — Universal APIs for Real-Time Crypto Exchange Data

Real-Time Full Order Book

The best part is it’s completely public! Free to use, there is no sign up required.

Example order book: In this example, the best bid price is 5067.269 USD and the best ask price is 5071.5 USD for Bitcoin. Source: Bittrex

Data Customization

GET https://dev-api.shrimpy.io/v1/market/orderbooks?exchange=bittrex&baseSymbol=XLM&quoteSymbol=BTC&limit=100
GET https://dev-api.shrimpy.io/v1/orderbooks?exchange=all&baseSymbol=XLM&quoteSymbol=BTC&limit=10
GET https://dev-api.shrimpy.io/v1/orderbooks?exchange=all&quoteSymbol=ETH,USDT&limit=10
GET https://dev-api.shrimpy.io/v1/orderbooks?exchange=all&baseSymbol=XLM,LTC&limit=10
GET https://dev-api.shrimpy.io/v1/orderbooks?exchange=all&limit=10
"baseSymbol": "XLM",
"quoteSymbol": "BTC",
"exchanges": [{
"exchange": "Bittrex",
"orderBook": {
"asks": [
"price": "0.00002585",
"quantity": "1891.1316431"
"price": "0.00002594",
"quantity": "35200"
"bids": [
"price": "0.00002577",
"quantity": "774.92250177"
"price": "0.00002576",
"quantity": "3509.07031022"

Limit Orders


Which exchanges are currently supported?

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