Machine Learning for Crypto Portfolio Management Case Study: Week 6

China has yet again banned all cryptocurrency transactions and the market has predictably suffered due to the selling pressure as Chinese investors exit cryptocurrencies for assets with more regulatory clarity and safety. That said, none of the portfolios did exceptionally poorly this week — maintaining balances above the previous dips drawdown point for the duration of the week. The Nomics portfolio maintains a commanding lead in performance, while the other 3 portfolios struggle to stay in “profitable” territory under bearish conditions.

Shrimpy ML Strategy

The Shrimpy portfolio was able to maintain its balance throughout the week and while it didn’t gain any ground, it didn’t lose any either which is commendable considering the bombshell filled with bears that were dropped on the market this week. Shrimpy is currently in 4th place in performance.

The average projected 7-day profit is +143.57%.

The average projected 7-day profit is +60.93%.

Disclaimer: Shrimpy’s price forecasts are for entertainment purposes only.

Nomics ML Strategy

The Nomics portfolio had a solid week, it had the second-best weekly performance of the 4 portfolios. As mentioned previously, under extremely bearish conditions — any positive performance is commendable. Has Nomics finally found its niche in picking assets that do well under bearish sentiment?

The average projected 7-day profit is +36.02%.

The average projected 7-day profit is +12.51%.

Decentralized Finance Index Strategy

The DeFi Index was the best performing portfolio this week. With AVAX, LUNA, XTZ and FTM all doing extremely well this past week, it’s little surprise that the DeFi index benefited disproportionally over the other portfolios.

Smart Contracts Index Strategy

The Smart Contracts index, much like the Shrimpy portfolio, was able to hold on to its value effectively throughout the week. AVAX and XTZ both did well this past week and helped the Smart Contracts index maintain at least some level of profitability.



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